Slab Water Leak Repair

When you want slab water leak repair from expert technicians in Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Hutto, you can trust only one name for such a situation. And that is Water Heater Leak Repair Company.

There are some signs and symptoms which will let you know about a slab leak, and you should call our technicians right away for affordable and efficient slab water leak repair in the least time possible.

Pools and puddles

Another sign of the slab leak is when you have unexpected puddles of water in unforeseen areas. On your floor, when you see that water gets accumulated each time, you clean it off from the surface by using any technique. Now it is time to realize the slab leak situation under the floor.

If the water is hot, it indicates that your plumbing pipe, which is carrying hot water, has developed a leak. You should shut off the main valve right away and call our technicians to detect the position of the leak and repair it right away.

Mold or Mildew

The most crucial factor that you must not forget in case of a slab leak is mold and mildew. When your floor has developed a slab leak, it will push water on the surface, which will create mold or mildew that could be seen or could remain hidden from your eyes. But when there is mold or mildew in the building, it will give off a musty smell, and you will realize that there is a slab leak under the concrete slabs.

This is your cue for calling our tea to detect the leak and repair it for the family members’ safety and people working in the building.

Constantly running water heater.

If you have a gas or electric heater in the building and your hot water pipe has developed a leak, it will make your water heater to keep running all the time for a constant supply of hot water to the newly developed leak. If you pay close attention to this sign, you can save the property from accruing damage and destroying the floor under the slabs.

You will also see a high rise in water and gas or electricity bills because of the heater’s extra activity and continuously leaking hot water.

Flooring damage

If you have carpets on your floor and there is a slab leak, your carpet will remain damp and wet all the time without any reason. You will have to bear a stale smell because of the trapped water in the carpet. Your floor will start showing high and low portions, which will let you know that there is a slab leak situation underneath. And you should call us to save the property from accruing further damage and save the health of the people inside the facility.

Unexplained damage 

When the leak gets intense and has been there for some substantial time, it will create a pool under the concrete slab. This accumulated water will dissolve and wash away all the dirt and sand, which has provided the structure’s grip. You might see a crack in the wall. Your door might not be closing properly. There could be some other sorts of unexplainable damage situations, which sign a slab leak, and you need our help in this situation right away.