Slab Leak

A slab leak is a somewhat common phenomenon that requires un-common wisdom, tools, expertise, and training. You don’t want your building’s floor and foundation to attain damage from the continuously leaking water. You wouldn’t even think of getting the floor ravaged by the in-experienced and short on modern tools, technicians to find out the leak where it shouldn’t suppose to be.

Water Heater Leak Repair Company

We have been providing top-rated and satisfying services in Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Hutto for saving the floor, foundation, and hundreds of dollars in repairing the destroyed floor, which shouldn’t be touched to repair the leaking pipe. Our technicians are trained, certified, and equipped with the knowledge, expertise, and modern tools to utilize current and scientific techniques and find the epicentre of the leak and damage-causing portion of the pipe. We do not dig up the whole floor in repairing a simple leak. Instead, we utilize scientific methods and modern tools to find out the cause and restore it to save you from such a situation by rendering lasting measures.

Signs of slab leaks

Some various signs and symptoms tell you about a water leak on your floor and under the slab. By paying attention, taking corrective measures, and calling our expert technicians in time, you can save thousands of dollars damage and expense in repair and recovery.

High water bills

Your water utility bill can tell you a lot about your spending habits, how eco-friendly you are, and how you should behave in life. When you have learned about your habits and your monthly bill and see a sudden surge in the bill without any reason, this is a sign that you have a water leak. And if there is something you are not feeling comfortable about your floor, the leak should be bright there. We are the obvious choice in plumbing and water heater leak, and our customer responsive attitude has made us the top-rated services provider in slab leak detection and repair.

Damp or muddy floors – Expert Slab Leak Detection

The damp or muddy floor is the cue for you to realize that water is collecting under the slabs, and you need to take corrective measures right away. When there is a water leak under the floor, it will dampen the slab, and mould creation would start right away. Experts and doctors forbid people to breathe in an environment where there are mold or mildew particles. The damp floor will supply hazardous particles in the air, and all the people’s health in the building is compromised. Call our technicians right away and save the health of everyone inside.

Warm spots on the floor

When you feel that some spots are warmer than the rest of the floor, this indicates a water leak under the floor. Your water heater plumbing has developed a leak, and warm water is continuously ravaging the inside of the slab; it will lead to damage and destruction.

Buckling floors

Buckling floor is the outcome of running water under the slabs and can destroy the whole floor and foundation if you don’t take corrective measures and call our expert technicians in time. Slab Leak Austin Round Rock Pflugerville Hutto Texas Water Heater Repair Austin Installation Replacement Service and Maintenance Company