Slab Leak Detection

Slab leak detection is not an ordinary task that anyone can do in their free time. This is a full-time detective job that requires expert technicians to behave like real-life crime detectives and find out the culprit who has destroyed the floor. To determine the root cause of a slab leak, one must look for the smallest clues and hidden signs to determine the root cause and save the people’s lives in the building and the property inside. This is the job of expert technicians with robust tools to detect and repair the leak.

Water Heater Leak Repair Company

We are the company with the reputation of the most satisfying services. Our technicians have won the heart of people in Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, and Hutto for top-rated, most satisfying services with lasting measures. Our technicians are experienced and trained in detecting the slab leak and provide quality services and over the box ideas to save the property and extra expenditure of people form slab leak destruction.

Slab leak detection process

When you get some idea of the leak and call our company for help and relief from the situation, our team reaches your location in time and start the detection process right away.

Our technicians look for various signs and symptoms and use modern tools with scientific methods to find out the root cause and leak, which has wreak havoc under the floor.

Following are some of the standard practices that we do to use modern tools for detection and repair.

The sound of running water

When all the faucets are closed, the sound of running water is the sign that there is a leak somewhere. Our technicians look for the places where the plumbing gets laid to supply hot water. And with their experience, keen hearing, and high tech equipment, find out the area from where the leaking water is making a sound. Once the slab is marked, the process of repairing starts right away.

Damp or wet floors or carpets

When you are suffering from high utility bills, this is the sign of a water leak. And your damp floor or wet carpets is an indication of the leak underneath the floor. The dampness on the floor and carpet signifies a water leak underneath, and water is seeping out, which can cause substantial damage to the property.

Foundation movement

The most harmful and devastating sign of slab leak is foundation movement. When it happens, it can make your property not suitable for people, and you might have to invest thousands of dollars in foundation repair if you got late in taking the corrective measures.

Cracking walls

When there is a slab leak near-wall, it can create cracks in the wall because of taking the foundation gravel and cement with it. The wall can become a threat to the people inside the building, and you will have to take corrective actions right away.

Warm floor or musty smell

The warm slab than the floor and the musty smell is also a clear sign of a water leak in that area, and our technicians detect the leak right away.