Water Leak Detection

A water leak is one of the most devastating things for the life of your family members and property in your home. Whereas in the office, the water leak becomes more strenuous and harmful for the business, inventory, and employees by causing financial, emotional, and good-will loss. Water leak detection is the trickiest thing for most traditional plumbers and companies working in Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, and Hutto. Our distinction is the modern tools, scientific methods, expert and certified technicians who render the most satisfying services with courtesy and professionalism.

Water Heater Leak Repair Company

Our company renders satisfying and modern services to the people in Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, and Hutto for water leak detection and repair. We use modern tools; scientific method sn dour expert technicians are trained and certified to detect the most hidden leak in just a matter of time in any building.

Hidden leak symptoms

But you must learn and know about the symptoms of the hidden leak that reveal the gravity of the situation so you can call our expert technicians to provide you with the relief from the dangerous condition.

Utility bills

The most evident cue about a hidden leak is the incised utility bill. When you get the increased bill without any excessive water use, this is the clear sign that the water is leaking from your plumbing, and you have no idea where it is going. Leaking water can compromise the building’s foundation, and it can make the wall fell on the people inside the building if it gets under the most potent place. This is the ripe time to call our technicians and get your plumbing inspected by our experts. We utilize modern tools and state-of-the-art methods to detect and repair the hidden leak in the building.

Mould or mildew

When you see that there is mould creation or mildew generation on the surface of the wall, floor, or ceiling, this is the indication that there is some pipe leak near that area that gets hidden from your direct sight. You need to call our expert technicians right away to prevent the growth of mould or mildew. Health scientists and doctors forbid people from breathing the air which has mould or mildew residues in it. When our technicians reach your location, we do not dig all the plumbing in the area. We use less space and explore with high tech to clear the leaking area and repair it without causing any larger issue.


Swelling in the wall or floor is another sign that there is a hidden leak in that area that has damp the whole place, and the leaking water has made the surface generate swelling. You will indeed be surprised by looking at what the floor will swell due to the water leak. Our technicians know how to handle such a situation professionally and systematically. The modern tools and scientific methods allow us to control the case in the least time possible. We provide you with lasting measures and save your property from the harmful effects in the future.