Slab Leaks

When you find some overly heated areas in the floor or the carpets and foundation remains wet for some extended time, you must take it seriously and determine the cause of the situation. If you have eliminated all the external sources and no water body or faucet above the surface is the culprit for providing the water on the floor, this might lead you toward the notion that you are suffering from a slab leak. This doesn’t mean that your slab is leaking. At the same time, this term is commonly used for the pipes running underground of your floor. There are various reasons for the problem, but you must act at once to keep your property safe from the harmful effects.

Water Heater Slab Leak Repair – Detection

If you are suffering from slab leak in the following areas, we are the obvious choice because of the customer-responsive services in the following areas:

  • Austin
  • Round Rock
  • Pflugerville
  • Hutto

Our expert technicians are trained and certified in finding out the actual cause behind the slab leak by utilizing modern tools and scientific methods. After finding the reason, we repair the pipes and plumbing by saving your property. We do not cause damage to the property and try to stay as focused as possible on your foundation leak, along with saving you from the extra expenditures.

Warning signs

You need to look for the following signs and symptoms to determine if you are suffering from a slab leak in your house or office.

Hot area

When a hot water pipeline bursts under the floor slab, it will keep pushing the area’s hot water. Even if there is no water sign over the floor, the pipe has burst under the surface, continuously causing hot water under the slabs. It will result in devastating consequences in case if it gets into the foundation. Even if it doesn’t reach the foundation, the continuously flowing water will ruin the slabs’ base on your floor. Our expert technicians arrive at your location and, without much digging or excavation, provide you relief from the situation and repair the damaged pipe most affordably and efficiently.

Water protrusion

When there are leaks and water accumulates daily, the sign that the pipes under the slabs have generated a substantial leak, pushing the water from under the slabs. Your floor is at risk, and you must call our expert technicians right away for the safety of the building and less expenditure on the corrective measures.

Stoppage or backup 

Over the years your toilet fixture shows signs of excess water, push through the toilet’s lower water level. When this happens is the sign that there is a leak in the waterline and your building is under the constant threat of the seeping water, which can cause devastation and wreak havoc if it reaches the foundation or finds its place under the wall.

Molds or Mildew

Water is the most critical ingredient for the creation of mold or mildew. If you find any of these two on the floor, call our experts right away to provide you with swift relief and make your building safer.