Repiping Services

There are various reasons for you to have repiping in your building. The most common ones are the galvanized and old pipes in the building. The substantial leaks with rusty pipes are also your cue to change the piping in the building. Your house and all the people inside the building are not safe if you have rusty pipes or some intruding tree roots and caused substantial damage to your plumbing.

Water Heater Leak Repair Austin: Your Repiping Company

In Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, and Hutto, we are the top quality and number one company for repiping in your house and office. We are the expert technicians trained and certified to provide you the latest out of the box solutions to all of your problems regarding your plumbing.

Types of Pipes

When you want to repipe your house for any reason, there are various options for you to choose from. You can select any one or a combination of the piping.

PEX Pipes

They are the most flexible and durable pie provide efficiency and effectiveness to the area and building where you install these pies. They are getting more popular with every passing day. These pipes save your time because of their easy to install flexibility in the building. You don’t have to wait for long hours for these pipes to get installed as your plumbing line in the building. People are choosing these pipes because of their flexibility to be used in extreme weather conditions. These pipes are resistant to freezing and corrosion. When you use these pipes for hot water, they don’t lose much heat to the environment, and you get a higher level of temperature of your hot water even in the freezing weather around.

Copper Pipes

The people love these pipes because of their longer life. These pipes can withstand for more than 50 years. The copper tends to eliminate bacteria, and you get clean and safe water for your family members in your house when you use these pipes for plumbing lines. These pipes provide a higher level of performance outdoors and indoors as well. The pipes are safe to use for a longer time, and they help your plumbing sustain the water pressure for 4 to 5 decades.

PVC Pipes

There is a variety of thickness in these pipes. People love to use these pipes because of the movement and flexibility they offer, along with corrosion-free high-quality material. The vinyl and durable plastic make them corrosion-free, and they can withstand more pressure and direction of the surface than the other options. When people use this option for their plumbing line, they get extended time use and increased water pressure with no corrosion risk.

CPVC Pipes

An essential quality of these pipes is that these high-quality flexible pipes are heat resistant. And people choose these pipes for plumbing because of their warmth resisting capability. This type contains high-quality plastic material, which allows the pipe to withstand more pressure and stay intact for some extended time. The drawback of these pipes is that you cannot use them in the open. These pipes cannot withstand direct sunlight. But still, they are an excellent option for underground plumbing.