Foundation Water Leak

The most harmful thing for your commercial and domestic property is the foundation water leak. When leaking water reaches the foundation of your building, it can erode the soil, and the whole structure becomes compromised and unsafe for the residents and people inside the building. You need expert technicians who can provide you with real-time analysis of the situation and save your property from collateral damage.

Water Heater Leak Repair Company

We are not an ordinary plumbing company. Instead, our technicians are the unsung stars in Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Hutto for their remarkable services in case of plumbing leaks, water heater repair, slab leak detection, and foundation water leak issues. Our technicians utilize modern techniques and scientific methods to combine their expertise with high-tech tools to save your building from severe damage. We take pride in everything we do. And our technicians are certified and expert in making the building safer for you and your loved ones.

Prevention for the building

A slab leak can stay undetected and cause substantial damage to the building. Expansive soil and plumbing and drain leakage also cause the same effects as a slab leak. There are various factors, events, and steps that can save your property from substantial foundational damage.

Test the pH

You can test your water’s pH in the plumbing lines to prevent slab leaks and foundation damage to your building. Testing the pH of water is an easy thing. Still, if you don’t want to do it, our technicians can do it for you by reaching your location and providing you with the corrective measures if the pH of water is not safe for your domestic and commercial building. 

Check water pressure

The plumbing system gets built to sustain 40-60 PSI. If there is a higher pressure level in your plumbing line, it will make the joints or weak spot develop a leak. This high-pressure leak will cause substantial slab and floor damage, which will allow the water to seep into the foundation and compromise the whole structure. The cracked and falling walls in the building is also the outcome of this issue.

Annual plumbing inspections

This practice gets neglected by most of the owners in the area. When you get your plumbing inspected annually, three are various issues and problems which can get solved right away. We offer the most affordable inspection rates for your building and lasting measures to save your property from slab leak and foundation damage.

Keep the soil moist

There is a gap between the soil and the outer wall, a good sign that the foundation is susceptible to damage. The best practice is to moist your soil every week when there is a lack of rain in your area. You can use the irrigation system to damp the ground of the building. If there is no irrigation system, you can use a garden hose to do the thing.

Watch out for what you drain.

Suppose you drain harmful chemicals and acidic material. In that case, it can destroy the pipes, and leaking water can cause a severe issue to the foundation, and you will have to bear a fortune in the restoration process.